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The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine is a scientific and practical journal intended for doctors of all specialties, teachers of higher medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions, employees of research institutes, managers and specialists of municipal and departmental medical institutions, postgraduate and PhD students, residents and students of medical universities.

The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine publishes relevant materials addressing the issues of internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, pediatrics, phthisiology, neurology and psychiatry, orthopedics and traumatology, social hygiene, dentistry, etc.

The mission of the journal is to introduce readers to the achievements of domestic and foreign biomedical science, to present modern clinical guidelines, to create a professional platform for scientific discussion, to share experiences, and to publish the results of original research in the field of clinical and fundamental medicine.

Today, our journal faces ambitious tasks aimed at the further development of modern knowledge in various fields of medical science as well as the development of international cooperation!

The journal " The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine" has been published since 2008 in Russian and English (it was founded in 2008 by professor of Kazan State Medical University - Amirov Nail Bagauvich, who is up to now the editor-in-chief of the edition), and has passed a long way of development both at the Russian and international levels.


The editorial staff is constantly working to improve the journal, bringing it into conformity with Russian and international criteria for evaluating the publication efficiency of journals.

Judging by the geography of the authors, it is safe to say that the journal " The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine" has already acquired an international format. Starting from the first issues, the journal publishes the results of the original research by doctors and scientists from different regions and cities of the Russian Federation, as well as from neighboring (Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.) and remote (Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, USA, India, etc.) foreign countries.

Since 2012, according to the decision of the Presidium of HAC RF, the journal " The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine" is included in the list of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals, which publish scientific findings of dissertations for the degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences.


Since April 2021, our journal has been included in the international citation database SCOPUS.

Moreover, the journal "The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine" is represented in CABI; Ulrich's Periodicals Directory; CrossRef; and Google Scholar databases and it is indexed in RSCI.

All articles are assigned DOI (digital object identifier) - journal prefix: 10.20969/VSKM. 

The journal is registered by the Centre International de l'ISSN and has 2 indexes: ISSN - 2071-0240 (Print) and ISSN - 2079-553X (On line).

The journal's position in the SCIENCE INDEX 2019 ranking for Medicine and Healthcare is 24.

The journal " The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine" is presented in the SCIENTIFIC ELECTRONIC LIBRARY (SEL), which is a leading executor of the project on the creation of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and has the Impact Factor of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI IF).

2-year Impact Factor of the RSCI for 2019 = 0.645;

5-year Impact Factor of the RSCI for 2019 = 0.529


Such high achievements and indicators have been accomplished thanks to the highly professional membership of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Council of the journal!

All members of the Editorial Board are recognized scientists both in Russia and abroad.

Our journal is open access, targeting a wide international audience. Full-text versions of all articles from all issues of the journal are available in pdf format (readable and downloadable without restriction) on our website

Funding for the journal at the moment comes from the authors to cover editorial expenses, but the editorial staff is constantly searching for ways to sponsor the journal.


I invite all colleagues from the regions of Russia, near and far abroad countries to active cooperation!


We look forward to your scholarly work for publication!


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The rules for the authors are listed on the website:

Editorial office mailing address: 420043, Kazan, 57-83 Vishnevskogo St., Editorial Office of the journal " The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine".

Editor-in-Chief - Amirov Nail Bagauvich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor; tel.: +7 9053 130 111; e-mail:;

Deputy Editor-in-Chief - Vizel Alexander Andreevich, Doctor of medical sciences, professor; tel.: +7 987 296 25 99; e-mail: ;

Executive secretary - Daminova Maria Anatolievna, Candidate of Medical Sciences; tel.: +7917 262 47 79; e-mail:

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International Department - Ziganshina Arina Alekseevna, Candidate of Medical Sciences, AFAMEE; tel: +7 927 435 34 06; e-mail: ;

Information support of the Journal - Rustem Ildarovich Shaimuratov, Candidate of Medical Sciences; тел.: +7 917 900 55 10; e-mail:


Articles received by e-mail are published on a first-come, first-served basis as the editorial board reviews the incoming correspondence and corresponds with the author:

  1. on the receipt of articles by the editorial board.
  2. on the signature of articles in the journal issue and placement on the official website of the journal.

I would like to draw your attention that the submitted papers are reviewed and may be rejected by reviewers.


I wish all authors and readers of the journal creative success in scientific research and new achievements!


With respect and gratitude for cooperation,

Editor-in-Chief of the journal " The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine", Doctor of Medicine, Professor,

Honored Scientist and Educator,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Physician of the Republic of Tatarstan,

The winner of the state award in the field of science and technology.   

Nail Bagauvich Amirov  

10й Международный симпозиум клинической и прикладной анатомии

Dear Colleagues!

We are pleased to inform you that the 10th International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy (ISCAA) will be held in Moscow, September 13-16, 2018 at the venues of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

The main goal of Symposium is to expand and strengthen the scientific cooperation and interaction between the specialists in clinical and applied anatomy and surgery, to upgrade the status and increase public recognition of human anatomy as a fundamental medical science, its importance for medical education and healthcare.

Key scientific topics for this meeting will be Clinical and Applied Anatomy, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery, New Technologies in Anatomy and Surgery, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Anatomy of a Living Human, Advances in Teaching of Morphological Sciences. The Symposium Program will include oral and poster presentations on all areas of clinical and applied anatomy.

You can find detailed information on the event at the web-site

Technical Secretariat

10th International Symposium

Clinical and Applied Anatomy (ISCAA)
Tel.: +7 (499) 390-34-38, +7 (926) 848-23-58
Fax: +7 (499) 137-34-79


Deputy Editor, MD, Professor A.A. Vizel entered the Top 100 most productive Russian scientists

According to the RISC (Russian Science Citation Index), Professor AA Visel entered the Top 100 most productive Russian scientists.

New RISC ratings were formed depending on the Hirsh index in which a productivity of the author refers to its ability to systematically produce scientific texts demanded by other members of the academic community.

The total scientific power of the author is described by the total number of citations of his work, but the higher rate of the Hirsch index predicts that he will be able to continue publishing popular texts regularly. Thus, the Hirsch index can be used to select potentially more productive researchers (in this case, for example, a competition for an academic position considers the indicators of two authors of the same age working in one discipline).

We draw your attention to the fact that the new ratings take thematic research areas specified in the registration form chosen by the authors into account. However, the author might be on the lists in several (not more than 3) different areas of science.

Full article (in Russian): General and complex problems of the natural and exact sciences: Top 100 most-cited Russian scholars according RISC Online


Information about the IX-th annual scientific and practical conference

Information about the IX-th annual scientific conference with the participation of doctors, physicians, public health units and Interior Ministry of the Republic of Tatarstan with international participation "Actual problems of diagnostics, treatment and prevention in general practice", dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the medical service of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Applications for participation in the conference, abstracts and papers will be accepted until 01.09.2016 at the reception of the Head of the "Health Service of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Tatarstan" in Kazan, Lobachevsky str., 13, tel. +7 (843) 291-36-87 or in the waiting room of the Chief of Clinical Hospital "Health Service of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Tatarstan" at Kazan, Orenburgskiy tract 132, tel / fax: +7 (843) 277-88-84.

The Conference will be held on 25-26 November 2016 from 8-00 to 18-00 in the Cultural Center of the Interior Ministry of Tatarstan named after Menzhinsky, at Kazan, Karl Marx str., 26.